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As leaders it can be easy to invest in others and difficult to invest in yourself.

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Unlock your full leadership potential and join a ​vibrant community of women in ministry! We're ​excited to invite you to our upcoming event ​designed exclusively for women in ministry ​leadership.

Event Details:

  • Date: Saturday, September 14th
  • Time: 10am - 12pm
  • Location: East End Market, Orlando, FL

At this empowering event, we'll explore four essential ​aspects of leadership:

  • Leadership Identity: Embrace your unique, God-​given leadership identity.
  • Honing Your Strengths: Amplify and leverage ​your strengths for maximum impact.
  • Owning Your Weaknesses: Embrace ​vulnerability and turn weaknesses into areas of ​growth.
  • Releasing What Is Holding You Back: Overcome ​barriers hindering your leadership journey.

Interested in Attending our ​September meet up?

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Establish the season of life that you are in and discover what might be missing from your current environment that could hinder growth.


Explore the ways that practical and spiritual walk hand in hand.


Evaluate what needs to be removed in order to encourage new growth.


Empower the leader for continued growth for the sake of the leader’s soul.

Participant Reviews

Ashley Souther

Non-Profit Project Coordinator

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“Lift Leadership is an incredible opportunity for young women to be challenged and encouraged to grow - through each season of life - into the woman God is calling her to be. I've personally gained so much wisdom, encouragement, and perspective by actively participating in the conversations, lessons, and resources each month. ”

Gianna Hernadez

Organization Change Management Consultant

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Bekah Westcott was instrumental as my leader and mentor early on in my career. Her ability to balance truth with grace has been unmatched as she challenged me to grow spiritually and professionally. Bekah is the person to trust if you're seeking to build sustainable and impactful change in your life and the lives of those around you”.

A letter from Bekah....

Hey friend,

I'm so glad you're here! I just wish "here" meant sitting together at a coffee shop. I would undoubtedly be drinking an iced coffee, iced matcha, or something iced since the Florida heat has officially converted me to iced beverages. While I know you are here to meet me, I wish I could get to know you. I enjoy few things more than sitting down and hearing your heart, your dreams, and your concerns, and creating space for you to bring your full self to the table. I just love gritty conversations and watching people become all that God created them to be. You are no exception!

There are a few things that I want you to know about me before we get into my professional bio. I love Jesus with my whole heart. I probably talk about discipleship in my sleep and I want to spend my life bringing people closer to Jesus. I am a wife to the greatest guy I've ever known and a mom to two highly energetic toddler boys. My family is my day-to-day ministry in so many unremarkable ways and I love them dearly.

Here is what you can know about this space: you are welcome, you are seen, and if you desire to grow a deeper understanding of who God has created you to be, I would love to journey with you! Ok, now for the professional part of the bio which I worked hard on but also realize is all part of God's faithfulness in my life:

Bekah at heart is a leader, Bible teacher, and disciple-maker. In order to be effective at what God called her to do, Bekah earned her Master of Divinity with an emphasis on discipleship. After seminary, she spent the next 10 years serving in leadership roles for multiple church plants and global ministries. Those who have been led or mentored by Bekah in the past describe her as thoughtful, always having the right thing to say in the right moment, wise, steadfast, and every conversation with Bekah is enriching. Bekah hopes to bring these same attributes to all of her relationships, including those who choose to participate in Lift.

Well, friend, that's it. I look forward to getting to know you better!

With great love and an expectant heart,

Bekah Westcott

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